6631 Kitchen - Portland, Oregon

The 6631 (yeah, same house) kitchen is a tidy one in a cool mid-century home. It's a nice kitchen but it needs some more storage, and more light, daylight that is. It's got a low ceiling too, from the shallow roof pitch.

It needs to get lighter.

Our solution, we remove the existing upper cabinets and window, replacing them with 2 new slot windows that slide in between the top of the countertops and the underside of the new upper cabinets. We doubled the upper cabinet space, maintained a connection with the outside, opened a view to the backyard and late afternoon light, increased privacy, all with a couple simple moves. And we added a 4 foot square skylight above to increase the room vertically and letting ample daylight.

The upper cabinets become an abstract with their glossy white finish, concealed hinges and pulls contrasting the stained lower cabinets. With the combination of the new upper cabinets, off-white caesarstone countertops, new wrap around slot windows, large skylight above, the kitchen lightens up, feels bigger and ties in beautifully with the strong lines of the house
's existing architecture. Bang.

1st PRIZE WINNER - ARCHITECTURAL RECORD & ELECTROLUX APPLIANCES: "Thoughtful kitchen design" contest - fall 2014.

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existing kitchen 

the after.